The Costalegre

Costalegre is known for its charming sunsets, desert beaches, and secluded location amidst the lush jungle. While this ecological tourist attraction satisfies all budgets, luxurious special-class hotels that make their guests feel as if they were in heaven are definitely the most outstanding.

The Costalegre is an exotic shoreline of the Pacific coast that is outstanding for its magical beauty divinely created to delight those who are ever in search of timeless amusement.

On your Costalegre vacation, you will discover weather very similar to that in Hawaii, which makes it an ideal winter destination. For those who love diving or fishing, Costalegre offers calm beaches of smooth and pristine swell. For those who prefer ecotourism activities, Costalegre provides appropriate surroundings for it, amidst fascinating hills and mountains. This area is also famous for its lovely sunsets and traditional villages featuring warm, tranquil beaches.


Costalegre is a coastal area in Mexico's Pacific south that comprises 60 miles of seaside between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo; more exactly, it goes from Quemaro beach to Barra de Navidad.

Costalegre embraces a combination of unspoiled beaches with picturesque traditional villages; it is divided into 5 zones, each of them distinguished by particular geographic features, peculiar architecture, and activities that can be practiced there. Bahia de Navidad, Bahia Tenacatita, Costa Careyes, Bahia de Chamela, and Costa Majahuas have their own charm and special appeal for their tranquil and virgin beaches, extraordinary vegetation, spectacular cliffs, beautiful coves, mysterious mangroves, and large areas of tropical forest.

This region also features interesting cultural diversity. In the different villages such as Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Cuastecomates, Tenacatita, El Tecuan, Chamela, and Perula can be found several types of handicrafts made by people of the various ethnic groups that cohabit this southern area of Jalisco. For instance, from the Coras, one can admire beautiful temples that combine Christian imgaery with local cultural beliefs such as adoring the sun and the stars. Another important ethnic group is the Huichol, of nahuatl origin, and known for great artistic creativity expressed through their art.

A Lot To Discover

Costalegre is a coastal area with beautiful landscapes. Driving along it, you can enjoy unequalled stretches of ocean view. This highway, which links Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, goes from incomparable, unspoiled tropical forests and magic coves to impressive mountains and hills full of vegetation, creeks, bays, lagoons filled with exotic birds, and typical, small Mexican villages with beautiful beaches as well as luxury hotels. Anywhere along this stretch is an ideal place to escape the hectic lifestyle of the city.

In Costalegre, one can find all types of hotels, from inexpensive rustic huts with sand floors and thatched roofs to exclusive resorts of great comfort and the most modern facilities. Motorboat rides and exciting adventures on a fishing yacht are other examples of the contrasts offered by this coastal area. In Costalegre, one can practice a wide variety of recreational activities such as golfing, cycling, camping, horseback riding, polo, diving, and rappel among others.

Exploring Costalegre is to enter deep into coastal and jungle landscapes amidst the lush vegetation of the mountains, coves, beaches, estuaries, and islands that comprise an eminently scenic panorama famous for a series of bays where mountains and plains form geographical accidents of indescribable beauty. Costalegre is a prodigious place for farming and home to a variety of flora and fauna. The abundant vegetation of this region extends throughout the area and gives shelter to a great variety of small tigers, leopards, wolves, jaguars, and a wide variety of exotic birds.


The Pacific Ocean with its emerald-green waters bathes the golden sands of Costalegre's beaches. Here, visitors can admire uncontrollable and howling waves constantly crashing against static cliffs and crags that protect and mark off peaceful beaches. It is said that this is one of the few spots on the Mexican coast where the sun rises and sets on the sea, depending on the observer's position.

Costalegre is without a doubt the most outstanding beach on the Pacific coast as it is surrounded by wide bays and steep coves. Here, one finds thousands of palm trees along the coast and mountains full of lush vegetation that reveal unspoiled beaches that offer unequalled peace waiting to be discovered. Some of the most famous beaches in Costalegre are Barra de Navidad, Costa Careyes, and Costa Majahuas.

Barra de Navidad is noted for its coast formed by a succession of coves mixed with mountains covered by exuberant vegetation. Costa Careyes, in turn, presents white tones and fine textures on its sand and a smooth swell due to a cove located on this beach. The lush region of Costa Majahuas comprises Majahuas bay, the Hotelito Desconocido property, Penitas beach, and Chalacatepec village, among other interesting spots.

The most diverse water sports and land activities await you in a very natural scene of contrasting landscapes. Costalegre is an earthly paradise that brings together the best beaches, exuberant jungle, and the most varied animal life and vegetation of the Pacific coast. Find true relaxation and fun during your Costalegre vacation!