El Palmar luxury penthouse condominiums are the chance to own a luxury condo property in Mexico. You will be investing in what is an established area with a long and trusted track record.

The resort is completed and ready for occupation and is not one of the many 'speculative investment properties' that can be found throughout Mexico.

Each condominium comes with 'Titulo condominio', a legal title, it is acceptable for bank transactions.

El Palmar is a boutique resort with an established rental clientel. New owners can participate in the rental pool.

Foreigners can own property  through a “fideicomiso” or bank trust. Under this arrangement, a Mexican Bank holds naked legal title to the property and the buyer as beneficiary receives all of the rights of ownership. The initial term of 50 years is renewable indefinitely. Property may be used, improved, rented, willed or sold. One of the advantages of trust ownership is the ability to appoint a substitute beneficiary allowing the title to transfer upon death without probate or payment of a transfer tax. This trust arrangement allows for foreign ownership while leaving the Mexican Constitution intact.